Hayley Leishman

I am a native of Utah, born in American Fork and raised in a remote, non-descript desert area of southern Utah called Quichapa. My childhood was simple with few distractions from the outside world. My playground was the dry, barren and sometimes hostile desert wilderness just outside the front door. I was fortunate to have my grandmother live in the house next to me and I would not be who I am today as a person or as an artist without her influence. She taught me how to see beauty in everything! Usually in basic, ordinary and even “ugly” things most take for granted. As a result I learned to recognize and appreciate another side of Utah that rivals the epic and dramatic scenes we are all so familiar with. My photography captures the subtle beauty in the understated landscapes of Utah.
I have a passionate obsession for the outdoors and nature. Most of my free time is spent with my husband and daughters fly-fishing, backpacking, camping, kayaking and exploring (camera in tow of course!) Each image I create is the result of wandering away from society and into the wilderness, if only for an hour, and discovering anew what my place in this world is. As it turns out, that “place” is right along side the bushes, trees, birds, rocks, streams, insects, et al. I try to capture that feeling for the viewer, in hopes they might experience those intimate moments as if they were there also, not just an observer, but rather as an integral being in the natural world. My art is whimsical and light, earthy and grounded. It is truly a reflection of who I am, what I cherish in this life, an experience I want to share with others, and on the simplest level: beautiful images of a place I love and call home.

Feel free to contact me directly at hayleysvisionphotography@gmail.com if you have questions about my work or are interested in ordering prints.